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Ancient Code Mao's House Around The World in Chinese Days Ancient Code 3 Sushis on the Nile Tang Poems
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You will also find here free excerpts of well-known literature works in Chinese with their Chinese vocabulary guides in English and pinyin to help with Mandarin reading.

Quiz yourself in a fun and interactive way with our FREE Chinese characters online flashcards! All the basic Chinese words you always wanted to know are covered here. Please visit our Member website for more advanced vocabulary!

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Learn Chinese while playing games: it's educational, it's fun, it's smart.

Complex concepts are always taught through games and learning Chinese is no exception.

Being serious about studying Chinese is definitely compatible with having fun because learning the smart way means stimulating your learning experience with a rewarding environment. Only then will your learning be a success and a fun adventure.

Be cool, be smart. Play and learn now!

Chinese, Mandarin, and Cantonese, which one is it?

The Chinese language is made up of many Chinese dialects

"Chinese is a group of related but in many cases mutually unintelligible language varieties" (source: Wikipedia).

The varieties of Chinese are usually described as dialects but they are linguistically as diverse and different as a language family. For example, somebody from Beijing where people speak Mandarin would have a hard time understanding somebody from Hong Kong where people speak Cantonese.

There are between 7 and 13 main regional groups of Chinese, most of which share common terms and some degree of intelligibility. In our example, the same person from Hong Kong can possibly under duress or in a state of tremendous concentration follow a conversion pattern and find out what the person from Beijing wants to say.

Standard Chinese (also called Putonghua, Guoyu, or Huayu) is the standardized form of the Beijing dialect. It is the official language of China and Taiwan, as well as one of four official languages of Singapore. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

The Chinese characters come in two flavors: the simplified Chinese characters and the traditional Chinese characters. The person from Beijing writes Chinese with simplified Chinese characters, the person from Hong Kong learns traditional Chinese characters at school. Please see below for more details.

Unless otherwise stated, Chinese is understood as Standard Chinese or Mandarin Chinese throughout the website.

Cantonese Chinese, which is a major Chinese dialect spoken around the world, and in our example the language spoken by the person from Hong Kong, will be added later to our program.

Chinese Pronunciation

The pronunciation featured in our website is the standard pronunciation as described in the Pinyin system, the phonetics for transliterating Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet. Pinyin is sometimes known as the Chinese alphabet.

Pinyin was created and officially adopted by Mainland China in 1979. Note that pinyin has its own pronunciation keys and MUST NOT be read as English.

Learn more on pinyin here:

Simplified Chinese Characters

The Chinese characters we feature are simplified characters. Simplified characters are officially used in Mainland China, Singapore, and the United Nations.

Traditional Chinese characters are used in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and in the overseas Chinese communities around the world.

Traditional characters can be learned with some of our flashcards and will be featured in some of our games. Traditional characters text can also be found in some of our ebooks.

To learn more on Chinese traditional characters, Chinese simplified characters, pinyin and other Chinese languages, see the Chinese language courses at our Member website

Ancient Code Most popular Chinese learning game

Basic Chinese
Learn basic Chinese radicals

Learn the basic knowledge you need to read and write Chinese with this memory game! Improve your understanding of Chinese character formation by learning the meaning of the most common Chinese radicals. Get the mobile app!

Ancient Code 2

Basic Chinese
Learn basic Chinese radicals

Memorize easily 60 Chinese radicals and 25 Chinese characters with an efficient memory game! This is Part 2 of the Ancient Code games. Go deep in the jungle and retrieve intriguing artefacts while learning Chinese.

Ancient Code 3  NEW 

Intermediate Chinese
Learn More Chinese radicals

Memorize easily 60 Chinese radicals and 25 Chinese characters with an efficient memory game! This is Part 3 of the Ancient Code games. Go underwater and crack some safes while learning Chinese.

Around the World  NEW 

Advanced Chinese
Learn Chinese Phonetic Characters

Advanced students in Chinese know how difficult it is to identify a country name in Chinese. Learn more about phonetic components of Chinese characters and memorize all country names with this game!

Mao's House

Basic to Intermediate Chinese
Learn Basic Chinese Sentence Structure

Further your understanding of basic Chinese with Mao! Start with single characters, end up having a conversation with very simple Chinese phrases. 10 levels and 40+ Chinese words about life's basic needs!

Sushis on the Nile

Basic Chinese
Chinese Character Recognition: Food

Learn gradually and easily useful everyday words you need to know with this memory game. By the end of the game, you will have learned some 24 Chinese characters about food and eating!

Tang Poems

Basic Chinese
Practice Pinyin and Basic Vocabulary

Match Chinese characters with their pronunciation or with their meaning in this smart game. This game is a good exercise for learning pinyin, Chinese character pronunciation, and Chinese character comprehension.

Tang Poems 2

Basic Chinese
Practice Pinyin and Basic Vocabulary

Go for another round and match more Chinese characters with their pronunciation and/or meaning. Learn your pinyin, see how Chinese characters are pronounced, and memorize even more Chinese vocabulary with this game!

Tang Poems 3

Basic Chinese
Pinyin Practice | Build Chinese Vocabulary

Third and last of the Tang Poems set! Again, match Chinese characters with their pronunciation and/or meaning, and reveal another exquisite poem from the Tang dynasty while learning even more Chinese vocabulary.

Song Poems

Basic Chinese
Chinese Listening Practice

Match Chinese characters with their correct pronunciation to improve your listening skills. Get familiar with Chinese sounds and tones as you learn your basic Chinese vocabulary.

Song Poems 2

Basic Chinese
Chinese Listening Practice

Listen and match the Chinese characters with their correct pronunciation. Memorize essential basic Chinese vocabulary words while playing this audio game and reveal a famous Song dynasty poem: The Silkworms Grow Old.

Song Poems 3

Basic Chinese
Chinese Listening Practice

Listen and match the Chinese characters with their correct pronunciation. Memorize essential basic Chinese vocabulary words while playing this audio game and reveal a famous Song dynasty poem: Winter Solstice.

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