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Chinese Pronouns
I, me
He, him
She, her
It, its
You (formal)
We, us
You (plural)

Chinese Adjectives

Chinese Radicals
Chinese characters and their radicals

Character Evolution
Evolution of some Chinese characters over time


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Chinese Wallpapers for desktops and mobile

Why use wallpapers as study aids to learn Chinese characters?
We highly recommend that you install our educational wallpapers because they imprint knowledge in your visual memory. Learning Mandarin depends heavily on your ability to connect a stylized picture (the Chinese characters) with a meaning. Our wallpapers help you do that.

For example, the wallpapers “Adjectives” give you two-character words with the meaning of each Chinese character individually and the meaning of the combination of the two characters in the background. Seeing that association of characters repeatedly will ingrain them in your memory effortlessly.

PC Download Instructions:
Right-click on the image and select "Set As Desktop Background."

Wallpaper for MAC OS9:
1. Control-click and select "Save this Image as" to your Desktop.
2. Go to Apple menu > Control Panel and select "Appearance."
3. Select the "Desktop" tab and click the "Place Picture..." button.
4. Locate the wallpaper.
5. Click "Set Desktop."

Wallpaper for MAC OS X:
1. Control-click and select "Download image to Disk."
2. Save wallpaper to Desktop.
3. Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Personal section and select "Desktop."
4. On the "Collection" pulldown menu, go to "Choose Folder" and locate the appropriate wallpaper.

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